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Bionic Commando cheats, codes, FAQs, walkthroughs, cheat codes and hints!

Bionic Commando Cheats Picture
Bionic Commando cheats, codes, FAQs, walkthroughs, cheat codes and hints!

Bionic Commando Cheats

Main Cheat Codes
NOTE: These are the main Bionic Commando cheats that are usually applied by pressing down the right key combination. Please find the instructions on how to use these cheats below.

BC Rearmed Bonus's
These codes are given out through completing challenges in Bionic Commando: Rearmed. They can also be found in the 'Database' part of the main menu.

[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [X], [B], [A], [Up], [B], [Y], [Up], [B], [Y], [Start]: Classic Costume
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [X], [B], [A], [Up], [Left], [B], [Y], [Up], [Right], [B], [A], [Y], [Start]: Prototype Weapon
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [X], [B], [A], [Up], [Left], [Right], [X], [B], [A], [Y], [Up], [X], [B], [Y], [Start]: Purple Sphere

NOTE: As their name suggests hints are not exactly Bionic Commando cheats, and are usually just simple (but very useful) tips on how you can unlock secret level, features, find hidden areas and such. Hopefully these will make playing Bionic Commando even more entertaining.

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Air to Surface (20): Complete "Air to Surface" challenge
Barrage (15): Complete "Barrage" challenge
Biomech Sweeper (25): Complete "Biomech Sweeper" challenge
Bionically Challenged (50): Complete all challenges in the game
Blood Trial (5): Complete "Blood Trial" challenge
Can you dig it? (40): Complete "Can you dig it?" challenge
Choke on that (50): Kill Groeder - Kill him for good
Close Up (5): Complete "Close Up" challenge
Come Out and Play (20): Complete "Come Out and Play" challenge
Cracker (15): Complete "Cracker" challenge
Crowd Control (20): Complete "Crowd Control" challenge
Down To Earth (10): Complete "Down To Earth" challenge
Drive-by (20): Complete "Drive-by" challenge
End Game (50): Complete the final mission
Explosive Delivery (10): Complete "Explosive Delivery" challenge
Fair Fight! (10): Complete "Fair Fight!" challenge
Feel the Beat, Y'all! (25): Complete "Feel the Beat, Y'all!" challenge
Headshot Bonanza (25): Complete "Headshot Bonanza" challenge
I got Hard (75): Finish the game in Hard mode
I went Commando (100): Finish the game in Commando mode
Incoming! (10): Complete "Incoming!" challenge
Jabber Man (10): Complete "Jabber Man" challenge
Kaboom (5): Complete "Kaboom" challenge
Kick In The Back (10): Complete "Kick In The Back" challenge
Leap Up! (5): Complete "Leap Up!" challenge
Let the Dog Out (15): Complete "Let the Dog Out" challenge
Man Locked Up (5): Complete "Man Locked Up" challenge
Nemesis (25): Complete "Nemesis" challenge
Out of the Bush (30): Complete "Out of the Bush" challenge
Poly Cruncher (25): Complete "Poly Cruncher" challenge
Pull! (15): Complete "Pull!" challenge
Receiving End (10): Complete "Receiving End" challenge
Rocket Man (10): Complete "Rocket Man" challenge
Shellshock (25): Complete "Shellshock" challenge
Shoot 'Em Up! (15): Complete "Shoot 'Em Up!" challenge
Slayer (10): Complete "Slayer" challenge
Spence is in the Air (10): Complete "Spence is in the Air" challenge
Stroke of Luck (5): Complete "Stroke of Luck" challenge
Swinger (5): Complete "Swinger" challenge
The Collector (50): Find all collectibles in the game
The Pinball Effect (10): Complete "The Pinball Effect" challenge
The Pitcher (25): Complete "The Pitcher" challenge
The River (10): Complete "The River" challenge
Torn Into Pieces (10): Complete "Torn Into Pieces" challenge
Train Wreck (5): Complete "Train Wreck" challenge
Two Hit Wonder (10): Complete "Two Hit Wonder" challenge
Whip 'Em Good (25): Complete "Whip 'Em Good" challenge
Whoo-paah! (10): Complete "Whoo-paah!" challenge
Worthy Foe (10): Complete "Worthy Foe" challenge

Bionic Commando Cheats, Codes, Hints & Secrets for Xbox 360

Bionic Commando Cheats, Codes, Hints & Secrets for Xbox 360

Bionic Commando Cheats

Bionic Commando Online Strategy Guide

In this Bionic Commando strategy guide, you'll find:

* BASICS // Everything you need to know to get swinging.
* WALKTHROUGH // A complete walkthrough, including the locations of all 150 Collectibles, info on Challenges and more. Your search ends here.
* CHALLENGES // Details on those pesky Challenges. COMING SOON
* SECRETS // Just what are those Matrices for anyway? Unlockables and more explained. COMING SOON
* Q & A // Got a Q? We've got an A.

Unlockable: Rearmed Code Unlockables

In the downloadable game, Bionic Commando: Rearmed (2008), you can obtain codes that, when entered at the Bionic Commando (2009) title screen, unlock certain things. Below is a list of the cross-title unlockables. Note that for the Xbox 360, you need to input these codes (for the Playstation 3, you just need to have the saved games from both games on the same hard drive).

* Retro Outfit - In Bionic Commando: Rearmed, a unique code for this is automatically unlocked in the Database. Enter this code in Bionic Commando to unlock the Retro Outfit.
* Prototype Weapon - In Bionic Comando: Rearmed, go to Area A and you'll find a floating FSA icon (behind an electrical barrier you must backtrack to after removing) that unlocks a unique code in the Database. Enter this code in Bionic Commando to unlock the Prototype Weapon.
* Purple Matrix - In Bionic Commando: Rearmed, go to Area 0, look for the open Yashichi door after collecting all 12 Yashichis. Inside is the "Purple Matrix," which unlocks a unique code in the Database. Enter this code in Bionic Commando to unlock the Purple Matrix.

Easter Egg: The Purple Matrix

The Purple Matrix, found in Bionic Commando: Rearmed, is a key that opens a door in the Fissure I area of Bionic Commando. Look for the Purple Matrix Door (it glows purple) as you swing through the cave. It's on the left. Inside you'll find some old school Bionic Commando music blaring out of a radio and a comfy chair. There's also some sort of museum exhibit of what appear to be spider robots. Whatever!

Easter Egg: Crude Audio Switchup

At the fight with the MOHOLE, the tunneling worm boss, lose the fight once and retry to hear a strangely lewd (and fourth-wall-busting) exchange between Spencer and his superior:

Spencer: Woah is that a long health bar or are you just happy to see me?

Radio: There's no way out, you'll just have to [THE MOTHER OF ALL EXPLETIVES] it!

Spencer: Um…

Easter Egg: Decoding the Final Message
After the credits roll, the final message you see is in Morse Code. Turns out, this translates to German:

Bestaetige Ausfuehrung von Phase Zwei Vorbereitet Aktiviere Projeckt Albatross

Our very limited German gives us this:

Confirm the Implementation of Phase Two / Activate Project Albatross

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Bionic Commando -- Official Trailer

Bionic Commando: Debut Trailer

The Bionic Commando makes his next-gen debut with this teaser.

Bionic Commando Cheats & Weapons

<br />bionic commando rearmed release date cheats hints weapons

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Flahze AM-10 "Tarantula"

Caliber: 15.2 kg SCARS custom rockets
Weight: 18 kg empty
Fire Mode: Up to 6 rockets simultaneously
Manufacturer: Flazhe Weapon Systems

The Tarantula is the epitome of next-generation portable missile launchers. Its targeting system is capable of locking onto and tracking as many as six targets simultaneously with remarkable precision. In combination with the self-propelled SCARS rounds, this gives the Tarantula the ability to engage several targets in one shot.

<br />bionic commando rearmed release date cheats hints weapons

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Drayton AA-9 "Hiker"

Caliber: 12.7 mm / 15.5 mm
Weight: 16 kg empty
Fire Mode: 9-round burst
Manufacturer: Drayton Arms Company

The AA-9 HIKER is a semi-automatic weapon with a unique design to optimize its armor-penetrating capabilities. One shot from the HIKER delivers nine rounds, eight hardened shrapnel shells and the final round an armor-piercing slug. The combination of its armor-penetration and wide-ranging shrapnel damage have earned the Hiker the nickname “The Show-Stopper”.

<br />bionic commando rearmed release date cheats hints weapons

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Steinmech M3-BC "Tungsten"

Caliber: 4.62 mm
Weight: 1.55 kg empty
Fire Mode: Single shot
Manufacturer: SteinMech International

The SteinMech 4.62mm “Tungsten” semi-automatic pistol is the personal defense weapon of choice for close quarters FSA military vehicle and aircraft crews. This weapon was subsequently adopted by TASC Special Ops, and the M3-BC variant model was specially modified for use by bionically-augmented TASC Special Ops troops..

Bionic Commando -- The Bionic Arm

The Bionic Arm is an artificial limb composed of lightweight and durable graphite composite materials, and powered by a replaceable hydrogen micro-fuel cell. A dual-use artificial limb replacement / grappling hook with a 20m (65ft) cable is fitted as standard, designed to be capable of grappling onto almost any surface. The functions of the Bionic Arm allow soldiers to function at a level far surpassing the ability of regular troops, vastly increasing their strength and maneuverability.

What differentiates the Bionic Arm from regular prosthetics is that it is no mere replacement appendage - it is fully integrated into the host's nervous system, connected to the spine and brain stem and capable of processing and responding instantaneously to brain signals. It requires no more thought or skill to operate that one's own limb; over time, bionic troops have been found to prefer the enhancement to their own natural limbs.

The Bionic Arm was the first piece of modern bionic technology to be successfully attached to and controlled by a human host, developed by the FSA military intelligence agency TASC at a cost of over $500 million. Its unexpected success in a sudden field test subsequently led to the development of other bionic limbs and body parts; bionic-enhanced TASC Special Ops troops were feared in the battlefield the world over. Attempts to duplicate the technology by other countries have all met with the same seemingly insurmountable barrier - the difficulty in creating an input/output system that is capable of processing information as quickly as the human brain.

In the field, soldiers equipped with the Bionic Arm commonly use it to

*swing through the air as a fast means of travel, or to navigate dangerous environments
*zip to surfaces to quickly move from place to place
*scale tall buildings
*rip down pieces of the surrounding area, to use as weapons or shields
*throw large objects much farther than a normal human
*punch and melee opponents and objects

Bionic Commando Enemies & Screen shots

<br />bionic commando rearmed release date cheats hints enemies

Standard Biomech

Biomechs are mechanized infantry suits used by several armies around the world.The arrival of Biomechs on the battlefield changed the face of war drastically. The combination of mobility, damage resistance and the ability to carry heavy weaponry makes them one of the deadliest and most feared adversaries in combat.

Thanks to their connections to militaries around the world, BioReign has several dozen Biomech suits at their disposal. BioReign’s extensive knowledge in the field of bionics has allowed them to experiment with several Biomech designs, adapting them to the challenges they anticipated in the harsh environment of Ascension City.

Primarily built for offensive combat, Biomech suits are designed to absorb damage from all angles; however, their rear is more susceptible to physical stress.

bionic commando rearmed release date cheats hints enemies

Airforce Biomech

The Air Force Biomech unit is outfitted with jet engines that allow it to maneuver in mid-air. This unit is also equipped with a charged electrical pulse emitter, which can rip through infantry units. Although heavily armored, the Air Force Biomech’s thrusters are vulnerable and can force the Biomech to ground level.

When downed, the Biomech can continue the fight, using its short-range thrusters to get into close combat range of its target.

bionic commando rearmed release date cheats hints enemies


Polycraft are highly maneuverable air units, designed for quick aerial assault and interception.The BioReign force brought with them a large number of the units to Ascension City. Polycraft are easily refitted to excel in various situations, and can act as both troop transports and heavily-armed missile gunships.

The compact design of the Polycraft combined with its unsurpassed aerial maneuverability allows it to fly in narrow and tight environments, close to ground without risk of collision, making it perfect for tactical surveys and interceptions.

Polycraft are sturdy and resilient machines, but analysis has shown that the armor plating over the engine is relatively thin.The engine is placed on the underside of the Polycraft, so an assault from directly underneath has the best chance of success.

bionic commando rearmed release date cheats hints enemies

Bioreign Grunt

Although classified as a terrorist organization, BioReign is closer to a private militia, a formidable paramilitary force that is far more disciplined, knowledgeable and equipped than any comparable terrorist organization. The basic unit of any militia is the infantry soldier.

Almost all of the soldiers connected to BioReign are either former members of the Imperial infantry, or rogue TASC operatives, most of whom have had full combat experience. Therefore, the BioReign infantry is to be considered both battle-proven and well-equipped.

Due to the unique nature of the Ascension City battleground, all soldiers have been fitted with special radiation suits, face masks and equipment for hostile situations. Although infantry troops may be lacking in firepower, they more than make up for it in numbers.

Bionic Commando Characters & Screen shots

bionic commando cheats hints characters


Name: Unknown
Rank: Unknown, high ranking member of BioReign

Little information exists on the terrorist suspect known only as Silver; however, his affiliation with the pro-bionic terror group BioReign has been verified.


Little is known about Silver’s history and involvement within BioReign. There have only been a handful of confirmed sightings and reports regarding the subject, who is thought to rank highly within the organization. Intelligence groups operate under the assumption that Silver works as a kind of ambassador for BioReign, trying to rally as many of the pro-bionic groups as possible under the BioReign banner.

Silver’s presence has been confirmed in recent months at several locations around the world, including at terrorist arms bazaars.

bionic commando cheats hints characters

Jayne "Mag" Magdalene

Name: Magdalene, Jayne

Rank: Lieutenant, FSA Armed Forces (dishonorably discharged)


A second-generation "Bionic Commando" with a bionic leg augmentation that increases her speed tremendously. She managed to escape the Bionic Purge, and is believed to have joined the pro-bionic terrorist group BioReign.


Serving the FSA Armed Forces as an infantry soldier, Jayne Magdalene lost both her legs in a landmine explosion. She was subsequently offered a place in TASC Research & Development division, as a test subject for the newly-developed bionic technology. Magdalene was equipped with bionic legs, allowing her to dash at tremendous speeds and jump great distances. She received combat training from Nathan Spencer, and the two carried out several missions together, the most infamous being Operation Blackout, which ended in disaster and Spencer's arrest.

Magdalene was a notorious daredevil and a brash user of her augmentations. She required far more modifications and maintenance than any other TASC Special Ops agent due to the speed at which she wore down her bionic enhancements. During the Bionic Purge, Magdalene vanished underground, abandoning her post and career rather than give up her bionics.


Recent military intelligence has indicated that Magdalene joined the pro-bionic terrorist group BioReign. She is believed to be among the senior officers in the organization, currently deployed in the operation in Ascension City.

bionic commando cheats hints characters

Joseph "Super Joe" Gibson

Name: Gibson, Joseph

Rank: Director, TASC

A key figure in the Imperial Incident and well known war-hero of the FSA. Together with Nathan Spencer, he managed to stop the Imperials and their Albatross weapons program. Currently the Director of TASC.

Joseph Gibson (aka Super Joe) started his career as a private military contractor in a small group called MERCs. His leadership abilities and meticulous attention to detail earned him the nickname "The Supervisor" and caught the attention of the TASC organization. Gibson started out in TASC as a field agent, but his knack for discreet intelligence-gathering soon made him TASC’s top-operative in the field of espionage and tactical sabotage. He was also involved in the development of bionics from the outset. When the Imperials attacked several FSA cities, Gibson was sent in behind the lines to investigate the threat. Gibson’s mission was compromised and he was imprisoned by the Imperials.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information Gibson possessed, TASC decided that Gibson had to be broken free before that information fell into the Imperials’ hands. Gibson was rescued by Nathan Spencer and both of them moved on to stop the Albatross. Their mission was successful, and the Imperial threat came to an end. After a long recovery – the imprisonment and torture was far more traumatic than first assumed – Joseph Gibson returned to TASC and was shortly he was promoted to Director of the entire organization.

Having witnessed first-hand the success of Spencer's rescue mission, Joe rapidly expanded the Bionics Program, enlisting dozens of new recruits to create new "bionic commandos". But public opinion soon turned against bionics, and Joe found himself fighting to defend the technology. In the power struggle, Joe found himself powerless to help Spencer when he was accused of treason and sentenced to death.


When bionic technology was outlawed by the government directive known as the Bionic Purge, much of TASC's power was lost. Following the bombing of Ascension City, the reactivation of Spencer for one more behind-the-lines assault is Joe's best chance for redemption.

bionic commando cheats hints characters

Nathan "Rad" Spencer

Name: Spencer, Nathan

Rank: Major, FSA Armed Forces (dishonorably discharged)

The first TASC Special Ops "Bionic Commando" and a war hero from the Imperial Incident. Dishonorably discharged when he failed to obey direct orders during Operation Blackout. Spencer was court-martialed, and sentenced to death for treason.


After losing his arm to a grenade blast in the FSA’s early years, Nathan Spencer was assigned to TASC Research and Development division, where he became the first official test subject for TASC’s military-grade bionic technology. When TASC agent Joseph Gibson was captured by the Imperials during a recon mission, a behind-the-lines rescue operation was planned to get Gibson out. Spencer was transferred from the R&D division to TASC Special Ops. The mission was a success, with Spencer managing not only to rescue Gibson from the Imperials but stop their newly-activated weapons platform, the Albatross.

After the mission, Spencer was celebrated as a hero and TASC soon found their bionics program in great demand. Now under the command of Joseph Gibson, the organization flourished, and many other operatives were enhanced with bionic parts. As the original Bionic Commando, Nathan Spencer became responsible for training these new operatives. At the same time, Spencer began to undertake a series of high risk, covert operations. On one such mission, codename Operation Blackout, Spencer’s sense of justice came into conflict with the orders from his superior and friend Gibson. In refusing to kill two rogue bionics prototypes, Spencer disobeyed a direct order which ultimately led to the deaths of several TASC agents. Spencer was court-martialed, convicted of treason, and sentenced to death.


Having spent the last five years on Death Row awaiting execution, Spencer has now been temporarily reinstated due to recent events in Ascension City. Military Intelligence Clearance Beta is required for detailed information.